Monday, February 10, 2014

COMING SOON: The Devilhouse Books: Lizzy -- April, 2014!

The Devilhouse Books: Lizzy -- Begins publication in April, 2014!

Lizzy has been drifting, trying to find a life for herself after failing at her life goal that was decided for her when she was five years old, but generally having a good time in college and working at The Devilhouse.

At a Devilhouse party, she meets Theo, a handsome, bright lawyer who just seems to want to talk, and Mannix, an ex-pro-football player with a taste for the disturbing. When someone starts shooting at both men, Lizzy struggles to figure out if the would-be murderer is someone from Theo's work as a prosecutor, someone from Mannix's background in the seedier side of pro sports, or someone who is gunning for her.

Romantic and suspenseful, The Devilhouse Books: Lizzy sizzles with sex and explores the power of love to heal the deepest wounds.

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