Wednesday, June 4, 2014

A friend of mine is starting a new series and is giving away FREE first books if you sign up for the newsletter. FREE BOOK! FREE BOOK!

 FREE book for urban fantasy / sci-fi readers. NEW SERIES!
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In a city with a minority zombie population, anything can happen. Maybe a guy with a microchip in his brain can become a hero.

Eli Carter is a delivery driver in a dead-end career and a crowded apartment. He also has a chip in his head that prevents him from lying.

When he meets Khan Hart, a self-proclaimed necromancer/exorcist, Eli's very ordinary life begins to unravel. First, he is visited by something that goes bump in the night, then it tries to kill him a few times.

Now Eli must team up with Khan, face down his fears, and kick the butt of one very strange ghost.

Welcome to Ghost Hackers, the series. Readers will be given entertainment and/or space rabies.

WARNING: This book is suitable for older teens and adult humans with a sense of humor. There's no mushy sex or swearing, but there is some violence, gross situations, and general mayhem.

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