Monday, December 1, 2014

Two New Releases Upcoming from Blair Babylon in December, 2014!

Hello Friends!

I've only had a few releases the last couple months, but that's because I've been saving up! December is going to be a busy month for releases, and I hope you'll like these books that I've been working on for you!

Release Date: December 16, 2014

Tryp Areleous is a rock star drummer for Killer Valentine, the hottest band on the planet. His life is a whirlwind of liquor, women, and screaming crowds. He’s just turned twenty-one, and his life is perfect, just as long as he never sobers up.

Elfie Tilsi has been a pyrotechnics technician (don’t call her a “roadie,”) with the breaking-out rock band Killer Valentine for two years, ever since she ran away from home. The musicians of Killer Valentine are beginning to crack, mainly from the unrelenting stress and limitless excess of touring. When the band manager tasks her with babysitting the drummer, Tryp, she tries being a little kind to him and quickly discovers that his problems are far deeper than just the rock and roll lifestyle. When they begin to bond, to fall in love, Tryp opens up to her and, with her encouragement, writes a song, but men arrive and threaten him and the whole band with death and ruin if he ever reveals anything about his past again.

Someone To Love (Rock Stars in Disguise: Tryp) is the continuation of the story of the rock band Killer Valentine.  Yes, you'll see Rhiannon, Jonas, Xan, and the rest of the band in this novel, but it's all about Tryp and Elfie.

Someone To Love (Rock Stars in Disguise: Tryp) will be published in the Red Hot Alphas Box Set on December 16, 2014 along with 10 other wonderful novels by NYT and USA Today bestselling authors. I'm blessed to be associated with this wonderful group of writers.

Stay tuned for pre-order links everywhere!

Release Date: December 23, 2014

To protect and to serve, or to save her own brother? 

Angel Day, the lead sniper for the Phoenix Police Department, got her nickname “The Angel of Death” the old-fashioned way: she earned it for her ruthless efficiency at stopping crimes with one well-placed bullet. When a massive call-out down by the Mexican Border reveals a terrorist cell and turns into a standoff, Angel’s youngest brother, the lost soul of her family, texts her that he is inside that barricaded house, and her orders are to shoot anything that moves.

This thriller is a companion novel to Billionaires in Disguise: Lizzy and continues some of the threads planted in that series. Yes, Angel Day is The Angel of Death,  the police sniper on the hill behind Theo's house. There are some very important clues in the Lizzy books as to what's happening in the Angel Day books, and it's a twisty, turny plot with lots still to be revealed.

Hope you enjoy my two December releases, and I've got two more in January, and another in February! Happy holidays!


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